18pcs 100cm Circular Knitting Needles Set Professional Colorful Tube Circular Knitting Crochet Needles

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The set of items includes 18 pairs of professional colorful tube circular knitting needles in 100cm length, which are mainly made of durable hard bleached bamboo and plastic tube materials. The set of knitting needles are supplied with 18 different sizes ranging from 2.0mm to 10.0mm, which will fulfill your varied knitting needs. Therefore, it is really a set of wonderful circular knitting needles for choice.


- Color: Assorted Color
- Material: PE and bamboo
- Each circular needle length: about 100cm.
- 18 different circular needle sizes: including 2.0MM, 2.25MM, 2.5MM, 2.75MM, 3.0MM, 3.25MM, 3.5MM, 3.75MM, 4.0MM, 4.5MM, 5.0MM, 5.5MM, 6.0MM, 6.5MM, 7.0MM, 8.0MM, 9.0MM, 10.0MM.
- Nice colorful tube circular knitting needles with smooth surface for easy and comfortable to use.  
- Metric sizes are permanently marked on needles.
- The more you knit with them, the more you will like to knit.
- Lightweight design, easy and comfortable to use.