Baby Toddler Potty Training Toilet Chair Seat Step Ladder

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The smooth extended head and sharp steel point allow these push pins to be inserted into the toughest surfaces, while still able to be easily removed without harming fingers. Use them for bulletin boards, cork strips, map marking, hanging posters or just putting up notes in your office cubicle.


- Color: Random Color.
- Material: Cloth Art and Metal.
- Size: 1.5 * 0.9 * 0.1cm / 0.6 * 0.3 * 0.04inch(L * W * H).
- Use on Pin in boards or walls to get notes, memos or posting extra attention.
- Works on Cork Board, Bulletin Board or Drywall, easily hang papers, posters, photos, memos, maps and more.
- Use to fix the paper, painting products, drawings, large needle cap and short nails, easy to use.
- Easily hold messy things together, such as hang papers, posters, photos, memos, maps and more.