IncrediBuilds Animal Collection Gorilla 3D Wood Model and Booklet

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Known for being the world's largest primate, gorillas are highly intelligent and incredibly social creatures. Take the chance to explore your creativity with this exciting IncrediBuild™ wood model set and craft your own unique, displayable gorilla! The wooden pieces are easy to assemble and snap together to form a dynamic 3D model. No glue or tools needed!

Includes: Laser-cut, FSC®-certified wood sheet with easy-to-assemble pieces • Step-by-step instructions • Coloring and crafting ideas • Fun facts about the gorilla

Product Information

Age:                     9-99

Assembled Size:  2.12 x 4.01 x 3.42

Trim Size:            7.5 x 9

Pieces:                 25

Page Count:         8

Format:                Kit

Publication Date: 4/17/2018