Iron On Denim Patches For Clothing Jeans 12 PCS

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Item Description:

·    MaterialFiber

·    Size15.5*13.2*1.3 cm

·    ColorBlue, Navy blue, Black

·    Item TypeIron On Denim Patches Set

·    Quantity12pcs

·    Weight63.5g

·    BrandComzendle


·   4.9- inch-by-3.7-inch patches: 4x light blue, 4 x medium blue, 4 x Navy blue

·   Iron-On Patches are ideal for mending, reinforcing and decorating many different applications.

·  These versatile 100% cotton patches can be decorated or die-cut and appliqued to most fabrics.

Package Included:

12Iron On Denim Patches

How To Use:

·   STEP 1: Place patch on wanted place front side up (shiny side down) 

·   STEP 2: Cover patch with a cloth or towel 

·   STEP 3: Iron over patch with pressure for 30 seconds 

·   STEP 4: Iron again on the reverse side for 30 seconds

·   STEP 5: Allow to cool 


·  After being ironed, it can be combined with clothing (or other textiles) for a long time. After a period of time, If the patches fall off, or it will fall off after washing, because the iron temperature is too low when ironing, or the ironing time is too short, just try one more time and the patches will be ironed again..