Klutz Lego Chain Reaction Activity Kit

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Design and build amazing moving machines! 

Build one thing that leads to another...and another...and another. You supply a pile of LEGO bricks from your collection, we supply the know-how and extra parts you need to transform your bricks into 10 different wacky chain reaction machines. You can combine these machines in dozen of ways, making chain reactions invented at Klutz Labs or new and awesome chain reactions of your own invention. 

Created by Pat Murphy and the Scientists of Klutz Labs

This kit contains: 

  • A 78 page book of instruction and inspirations 
  • 33 LEGO elements 
  • 6 LEGO balls
  • 2.2 yds (2m) of string 
  • 8 paper ramps
  • 2 paper pop-up signs
  • 1 paper funnel 
  • 1 paper flag
  • 1 paper bucket
  • 1 platform